Poppin’ Pimples: How Long do Baby Pimples Last ?

There is a question that every one of the baby pimples victim ask to themselves: how long do baby pimples last ? Surely you must know that pimples often last for a moment before they reduce themselves into a pitiful spot that you will forget in a moment’s notice (or a scar if you pop and scratch the pimple. Shame on you for doing that). Pimples will not stay for long as they have other more urgent business to do than to ruin your delicate face. So, you should not be worried about pimples on all ages, right?

Poppin’ Pimples: How Long do Baby Pimples Last?
Poppin’ Pimples: How Long do Baby Pimples Last?
Right you are, mate. Pimples will not last for long, so you can be sure that if you did not do anything that might further the pimples’ cause of destroying your facial construct, they will subside (not for good, sadly). You should even be more ecstatic when your baby has a pimple on its face. If you want to know more about why you should be ecstatic, then continue this article, because this article will tell about the lifetime of ababy pimple.

The birth of the baby and the pimple

When you have conceived your first baby, you are happy to see that your baby is as healthy as a bulldozer that has been given a high quality petrol. However, at least two or three months after the baby’s birth, red marks started growing on your baby’s face. You wonder whether or not your baby is diseased and you rushed your baby to a dermatologist. There, the dermatologist told you that everything is fine as long as the red spots and the white-thingy (people call them Milia) do not grow further. In the end, you feel like that a visit to a dermatologist is only a waste of money.
If you see some pimples developing in your baby’s face after said time lapse, you should always hold your horses. Do not ever rush to a dermatologist unless the red spots and the white-thingies grow bigger and spread further. It is normal for your baby to have baby pimples, so you should not worry too much.

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So how long is a baby pimple?

It will not last years, that is for certain. Baby acne is more like a nuisance to the parents more so than the baby, so your baby should not feel bothered by the fact that it got an acne growing on its face. A normal baby acne will last as long as acnes found in teens (and some say it is even faster than teenagers’ acne), so be patient and do not ever pop one if you do not want permanent scarring in your baby’s face.

You should be worried if…

The acne last for years up until they grow up into teenagers and started developing teenager’s acne. This is an anomaly of nature, and no one has ever seen something like this. There are some cases though where the acne is actually mistaken for something that is even less dangerous than the acne itself.

If that acne last for years and even longer, you should plan a visit to the dermatologist. Who knows? Might be a tumor growing.

This is the end on the article. I hope you can get even more educated on the topic of how long do baby pimples last.