Baby Teething Pimples and Necessary Treatments

Baby Teething Pimples and Necessary Treatments
Baby Teething Pimples and Necessary Treatments
Babies start to grow teeth when they are around 5 to 6 months old. Usually, several symptoms are associated with it such as baby pimple. As parents,baby teething pimples are not worrying issues because they are generally normal. At the same time, other symptoms usually appear like jaw and gum discomfort. Beneath the gum tissue’s surface, the tooth moves and the area around becomes slightly swollen or red. This area sometimes become like a blood blister area over the erupting tooth. It is true that some teeth are more sensitive compared to others and it results discomfort.

Usually, it makes the baby feeling irritated and crying occasionally due to the pain. In the middle of night, the baby often cries. And, during the day, they tend to biting everything that is within their reach. Another symptom that is also very obvious is excessive drooling and the excess saliva soaks their skin. In most cases, the pimples or rash is caused by the saliva. You can notice it that every time you wipe the saliva, the skin tends to be red in color and dry. So, what can you do to respond to the pimples and rash during the baby teething? Let’s figure it out ...

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Control Drooling

Since excess saliva is often the main cause of pimples and rash during the teething period, what you should do first is to control the drooling. In this case, place your baby sideways so the saliva can be prevented from gagging your baby. And use bib to regularly dry the skin and keep it clean from any saliva. Every time you need to wipe it, use soft washcloth. But make sure to change the cloth every time it gets wet.

Petroleum Jelly Instead of Soap

Most parents would think of using soap to clean their baby’s skin and keep it moisturized but they have been wrong the whole time. Instead of soap, petroleum jelly is the right product to use as it doesn’t make the skin dry just like the soap does. This jelly acts as lubricant and keeps the moisturizer. At the same time, it also separates medium between outside environment and the skin in order to prevent any germs to make close contact with skin. Another similar product that can be used is Lanolin ointment which is also good for soothing teething rash. If you can find aloe vera extract, you can also use it to moisturize your baby’s inflamed skin.

Teething Gels

As you try to keep the skin moisturized and remove the causes, you have to try reducing the pain due to teething. In this case, what you need is teething gel. Usually, this gel is rubbed on the gums. But beware of some side effects like the face turned blue or the body goes limping that is caused by the local anesthetic which is a part of the gel. Therefore, you should be under doctor’s supervision if you want to use the teething gel to avoid something from going wrong.