Causes and Treatment of Pimples on Legs

Causes and Treatment of Pimples on Legs
Causes and Treatment of Pimples on Legs
Pimples on legs can be caused by several things. Rashes or pimples can develop in several parts of the body. Maybe the acne is red or white. The lump in the skin is sore and itchy. Here is a brief explanation for you.

Causes Pimples on Legs

Acne can make you feel uncomfortable because you cannot show your feet in front of others. Actually acne in the foot is not a big problem and usually, this does not last long but there are some people who have significant problems. Patient with acne in the legs can do the treatment at home. Patients can use over-the-counter medications. Here are some of the causes of acne that appear on your feet.


This condition is caused due to inflammation that occurs in hair follicles. This is a common cause of acne. This happens because of a fungal or bacterial infection that can make the hair follicle become clogged and inflamed. The symptom of this condition is a red lump called a rash.

This condition occurs because you shave hair, sweat, heat, and tight clothes that cannot make your skin breathe. Everyone can develop this condition. This condition has a risk factor consisting of skin lesions, eczema, frequent use of hot tubs, and overweight. Maybe you have a health condition that reduces your body's ability to fight off infections.

Actually, this condition will disappear without complicated healing process. This condition also does not cause serious illness for your body. If you ignore this condition, folliculitis can be a serious infection. Maybe you can have ulcers because of the infection. Ulcers are large bumps that contain pus and are caused by Staphylococcus bacteria. You should get medical help when the disease becomes worse.

Keratosis pilaris

This is a skin condition that can cause small bumps to appear on your skin. The lump feels rough, dry, itchy, and red. There are many people who experience this condition. This condition occurs when the skin is dead and proteins clog the skin pores. The protein is called keratin. Keratin is found in the skin, hair, and nails. People with dry skin may experience the condition.

Actually, this condition is not dangerous but you can meet with the doctor to cure this disease. Maybe your doctor will give you a recommendation like a moisturizing cream or ointment to relieve symptoms of Keratosis pilaris.


This is the pimples on legs caused by insect bites. You should know that insect bites can make your skin feel itchy. This condition makes your skin red with stains on the skin. If you press in the center, then the lump becomes white. These lumps can appear all over your body. Maybe you are wrong guessing with this condition because the acne has the same appearance.

There are some people who develop itching in some parts of the body. You need to know the information that the offerings can take place at any age. This depends on the underlying factors of the condition. These factors consist of infectious mononucleosis, bacterial infections, autoimmune diseases, colds, and viral hepatitis.

There are several other things that trigger the itching in your skin. These things consist of sap, heat, cold, food, plants, pollen, and reactions to drugs, insect bites, and so forth. This condition is not a serious problem because the main cause is insect bites that do not cause serious itching.


This is referred to as atopic dermatitis. This is a skin condition when the patch feels itchy and you can see red bumps appear because of the itchiness. The lump is a blister and secretes clear fluid. The lump can also be scaly and dry.

Patients with eczema will pass the symptoms when the rash appears and become a flare. Skin can be normal between flares. There are potential triggers of eczema such as depressed skin, detergent, soap, sweat, heat, cosmetics, and perfumes, cleaning products, and come into contact with certain fabrics.

There are many researchers who are not yet sure about the causes of eczema but researchers have observed certain patterns in the disease. The disease is common in large cities with cooler temperatures and higher levels of pollution. Women have a greater risk than eczema in men.

Eczema can occur in the family and there is a relationship between eczema and families with seasonal allergies. Children born to older women are more likely to develop eczema than children born to women at a young age. American dermatology academy observes that 90% of these cases are known before the child is the fifth birthday.

This condition is much smaller than adults but 50% of adults who show these symptoms turn out to have eczema when they were children. Maybe this is a surprising fact and you can learn this fact to cure eczema. There are several ways to treat eczema in your body.


Acne or lumps on the legs have several treatments and this depends on the cause of the acne. Folliculitis can be avoided by using an electric shaver on your skin. This can reduce the acne that appears on your feet. Electric razors can prevent the acne.

Actually, you do not need treatment for folliculitis because it will disappear within a few days but if the acne is developing, then you should meet with a doctor. The best treatment that can be done for this condition is prevention. You can prevent folliculitis by using extra soap or shaving cream to reduce irritation to your skin.

You should avoid shaving your hair while experiencing this condition. Perhaps the doctor will suggest some treatments such as antifungal therapy, topical antibiotic therapy, topical steroids, and an oil-free moisturizer.

Treatment of Baby Acne

You should not wear too many clothes on your baby because this will cause skin irritation. Newborns cannot regulate the temperature so your baby just needs skin-to-skin contact. You should not bathe your baby excessively because the baby has a balanced PH. Acidification will be a natural antibacterial for infants.

You can use a witch hazel that does not contain alcohol and this will be a natural astringent for your baby's body. This astringent can clean the pores and baby's skin. You can use the special baby tissue to gently clean the baby's body. You can also use apple cider vinegar to clean out the famous skin of acne. You can take additional probiotics to acne the acne.

Those are some tips to remove pimples on legs.
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