Baby Pimples: Treatment and Solution

Baby Pimples: Treatment and Solution
Baby Pimples: Treatment and Solution
Baby Pimples
Baby Pimples: Treatment and Solution
People commonly assume that babies’ skin should be soft, flawless, healthy, and free of bumps. That may lead to confusion when they find out red bumps, acne-like spot on newborn skin. Might those be pimples? Yes, baby might have pimples. Some even wondering why newborn babies could have pimples?

What Is Baby Pimples?

New parents or caretakers might be unfamiliar with the appearance of baby pimples. The look is actually similar to ones we generally find on teenagers. However, not all bumps found on newborns’ skin are pimples so caretakers should be aware of the descriptions of baby pimples for prevention and treatment. Pimples are red or white bumps which could present at the time of birth and last until weeks later. Just like acne on teenagers’ skin, baby pimples are bumps which are often surrounded by reddish skin. They usually present around baby’s face and back. In some condition, these bumps will last and persist in months. In a more severe case, pimples make babies fussy that you may need medical help.

To be clear, actually, there are two types of acne founded in young age. The first one is neonatal acne, type which will disappear itself when the babies are about three month old. Until today, there are no exact explanation about the cause of this skin condition. Parents should not worry, however, as baby pimples do not refer to future condition of their kids’ skin. The second type of acne occurs when babies are older than three months. This type of acne stays longer than the former. Known as infantile acne, it presents as large red bump. Infantile acne needs to be treat carefully as it may develop to be more severe and potentially leave scar.

Another skin condition commonly found on newborn skin is milia. It is miniscule white bumps that present at birth and fortunately will disappear in just few weeks. Milia is different with acne and is not related to any acne condition.

Why Can Baby Have Pimples?

Although it is said to be familiar condition in newborn skin, there must be the cause of the occurrence of baby pimples we should learn to prevent it getting severe. Baby pimples are believed as development of skin irritation caused by saliva and milk on the face. Breast-fed and formula-fed babies both have the same chances of getting irritated. It is also suggested that maternal hormone during pregnancy brings impact to this condition. Medication also potentially trigger the occurrence of baby pimples. Either medication a mother take during breastfeeding or one the baby directly consumes, both bring the same risk. Another common cause of baby pimples is unnecessary use of baby skincare. Avoid oily, creamy cosmetics as they can block the pores.

Irritation may get worse if the skin interacts with harsh fabric or strong detergent. Always check on your babies’ fabrication not only for comfort, but also to prevent baby pimples to develop.

How To Avoid Baby Pimples?

There are precautions to avoid the occurrence of baby pimples we can do. As it is stated earlier, this skin condition can be a result from irritation which is triggered by interaction with certain external objects. Spill milk, harsh fabric, strong detergent, and baby cosmetics are among common objects known to irritate baby skin.

Always keep your baby’s skin clean. Frequently clean the skin and make sure you use mild soap which moisturizes. References are easily founded on internet or you may need advice from pediatrician. Do not rub or scrub baby’s thin, soft skin with towel. Gently pat the skin with soft-fabricated towel to dry it off. If you have to use washcloth, use it gently in circular motion around baby’s face and body.

Fancy baby cosmetics in store often times can be tempting. However, it is not suggested to use all of them on baby’s sensitive skin. Avoid unnecessary cosmetics especially those which are thick and creamy in texture. These lotions potentially clog the pores and stimulates pimples. If you still want to use any, make sure to choose ones which are specially designed for newborn babies.

What Should Be Done If Babies Have Pimples?

Do not panic neither too ignorant that we assume pimples are common condition in babies. There are treatments at home caretakers can do as the solution in case of baby pimples.

  • Cleansing Basics

It is important to keep baby skin clean and moisturized. Warm water can be used to soothe the skin when bathing. Clean thoroughly but avoid rubbing on irritated skin. Gently dry your baby with soft tap. Do not use towel with rough fabric as it can scratch the skin and make the irritation get worse. Stop applying creamy, oily lotion to keep the pores breathable.

Also check the hygiene of baby’s environment including clothes, blankets, bedsheets, toys, and other things which directly interacts with the skin. Gently wipe baby’s face with soft fabric to clean spilt milk or saliva.

  • Medication and Natural Treatment

Specially-formulated medication for babies are available in store to help easing the burn. Ointment is the most familiar medicine in pimple cases. If you hesitate to pick any, firstly consult with your pediatrician.

If you choose to go natural, try the popularly recommended coconut oil. Use few drops of the oil on cotton and gently apply on skin. Another must-try natural treatment is applying breastmilk onto the troubled skin. Breastmilk is believed to contain antibacterial that can help curing baby pimples.

  • Note on Breastfeeding

If you breastfeed, watch your diet. Even though mother’s nutrition may not be directly related to baby pimples. It is suggested to reduce consumption of foods that trigger acne such as dairy products and greasy foods.

  • Be Patient 

It may take time to baby pimples disappear, so be patient. No need to panic as baby pimples are generally harmless and will disappear in relatively short period of time. Do not squeeze or pinch acne because it may trigger a severe irritation.

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