Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Causes of Baby Face Pimples

Baby Face Pimples is not a big problem but acne will sometimes disturb your baby in certain conditions. Actually, this acne does not need to worry you. Acne can indeed arise at any time when your baby is born. Acne will be seen on the shoulders, neck, cheeks, chin, and forehead. This acne can become wavy and has the same color as the color of your baby's skin. Usually, this acne is not like flaky and scaly. You may think that the acne looks bad because your baby's skin can be disturbed by other conditions easily. Baby's skin will become more sensitive when the baby has the fever, crying, vomiting, and saliva.

The Hormone

The Causes of Baby Face Pimples
The Causes of Baby Face Pimples
Baby acne can be caused by the hormone that the mother gives to the baby during pregnancy. The hormone can stimulate the oil glands in infants. It also causes the hormone to drop after a few weeks. The level of hormones from mother to baby will definitely decrease. You do not have much to care for baby acne. Perhaps the best thing to do is waiting for the hormone to leave your baby's body. Acne can sometimes make your baby's condition worse. Your baby will feel uncomfortable with the acne. If your baby does not feel itchy, then you can let the acne until healed. If your baby has a rash and this can interfere with your baby, then it is best to go to a baby doctor. Perhaps the condition is not caused by acne but other factors such as herpes, hot rash, diaper rash, toxic eritema, and eczema. You should get medical help when the rash has spread and produce other symptoms such as shortness of breath, fever, and so forth. This condition can be caused by a serious infection or allergy.

Baby Has Very Soft Skin

Baby's skin has a different character to the skin of an adult. Baby's skin has a higher oil content compared to adult skin. Baby's skin produces only a small amount of melanin. Melanin is a skin pigment that keeps you protected from the sun's ultraviolet rays. The skin is the largest part of the body and can protect humans from infection, irritation, and sunlight. The skin also serves to regulate water loss so as to prevent dehydration. Newborns have blue skin and will become pink when the heart has performed to drain blood properly. The skin has a close relationship with the brain. You can come into contact with your baby to help your baby's brain develop. Usually, kangaroos will do this. Premature babies also get the method.

What to Do for Baby Pimples

Approximately 20% of babies can experience baby acne. Most of the acne will appear on the face after the first few months. This acne can cause you to feel depressed because you want your baby to be born with a soft and clean face. You do not have to think too hard because the acne will disappear within two months. You should not apply cream or oil on your baby's skin. You can reduce the moisture level in your home. You can give sock or hat when taking your baby out of the house.

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