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Pimple on Newborn Babies

There are many mothers who have problems about White Pimples on Baby. Babies can indeed experience acne problems and this is a common problem. The acne will appear at birth and may occur within a few weeks. Acne that appears on your baby's face looks the same as teenage acne.

What is Baby Acne?

The acne has a red or white lump. The acne can also be surrounded by reddish skin. Acne will appear on the forehead, cheeks, back, and chin. This acne will torture your baby when your baby is fussy or feverish. Your baby's skin will get worse during irritation caused by saliva, detergent, rough cloth, milk, and so on. If your baby has blemishes, then it cannot be categorized as acne. Milia are small white lump that appears at birth and disappears in just a few weeks. Milia have no relationship with acne. If the acne looks rough and scaly, then the condition can be categorized as eczema.

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What Causes The Pimple on Baby Face?

Pimple on Newborn Babies
Pimple on Newborn Babies
The question does not have a clear answer. Baby acne will look like teenage acne and these two things are not known for certain. There are researchers who say that baby acne is related to the hormone that the baby receives. Mothers may receive some hormones and this can affect acne in your baby. Researchers are still studying other factors and researchers have not been able to agree with one cause only. If you ever take certain medications while breastfeeding, then it can trigger acne. If your baby is taking certain medications, then this can also trigger acne on your baby's face. There are several cases that indicate that the baby will react to skin care products. If the product is oily, then the product may block the pores and cause acne. This acne can heal in just a few weeks but there is some acne that will last for months. Researchers cannot confirm the exact time when the acne is completely gone from your baby's face. If the acne is not lost for three months, then you can see a baby doctor talk about it. Perhaps the doctor will prescribe a topical mild medication to prevent the acne becoming severe. Baby acne can be a sign that your child will experience acne problems in adolescence.

What Should You Do?

There are some things that you should do and do not need to be done to overcome the acne. You should not use acne medications that are sold freely in drug stores. You should not rub the pimples because these pimples do not happen because of dirt. You should not wash your baby's face excessively as this will make your baby's skin get severely irritated. You should not use lotion with oil content on baby's skin because the acne will become severe. There are some conditions that indicate that some babies also have allergies with lotions without oil so you can stop using the lotion. You can wash baby's face with a mild baby soap once a day. Use a soft towel to dry the baby's face.

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