Pimple Like Rash On Baby Face and How to Handle it

Pimple Like Rash On Baby Face and How to Handle it
Pimple Like Rash On Baby Face and How to Handle it
When baby is born, baby’s skin becomes one of the most body parts that have high risk of having problems. Baby’s skin is very sensitive and still in the process of development. Many problems may appear several months after the baby is born. One of the common problems that baby’s skin has is baby pimples. The pimple is in the form of acnes. Yes, acnes can be found in baby’s skin. You may wonder how and why, as it is commonly found in teenagers and adults. Sometime, this condition will make you worry, especially for moms. To see your baby having skin problem is quite terrifying.

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Pimple Like Rash On Baby Face and How to Handle it
Pimple Like Rash On Baby Face
Fortunately, baby pimples are harmless. Commonly, baby pimples that come in a form of acnes will appear like small whitehead or red bumps on the baby’s skin. It could be in every part of baby’s face and also in another place such as in the back. In some cases, you can found pimple like rash on baby face. Instead of having only red bumps or pimples, the acnes can develop also red or dark red rash around the group of pimples. It will look more terrifying than the pimples. You may wonder how pimple like rash on baby face appears. We are going to discuss about pimple like rash on baby face, the cause and how to handle it appropriately.

Pimple like Rash

Rash is defined as an irritation of the skin. The irritation will change the color of skin in the rash area. Commonly, rash is caused by some infections. Pimples in the form of acnes can also produces rush. Acnes are one of the most common skin infections that are caused of bacteria. The infection will produce irritation on the skin or rash. Pimple like rash on baby face is also caused by the infection on the baby’s skin. Commonly, pimple like rash on baby face will look like a group of red pimples or acnes. The group of acnes will create red rash in the area of acnes. The rash is created by the accumulated acnes that infect the skin. It will make some changes in the color and the texture of the infected and irritated skin. The infected and irritated skin will turn into red or even darker followed by the bulging texture of the skin.

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How to Treat

Pimple like rash on baby face will disappear by the time the infection is stopped. Commonly, it doesn’t need any treatment and it will disappear in several weeks. However, there are some ways that can be used to treat and prevent the infection getting worse. First, it is recommended to keep the rash area clean. When the baby’s is taking bath, don’t event to scrub the rash area with towel because it will make the rash get worse. Gently swipe the baby face. Second, don’t even try to pinch the acnes because it is possible that your hand is not bacteria-free. It will only make the infections get worse. Let the acnes disappear normally. Third, avoid using lotion or skinning products that are not recommended by the doctor.

That’s all about pimple like rash in baby face. Basically, it is harmless and normal condition that some babies will pass during their growing. The key is patience and being aware of baby face cleanliness. I hope this information will help you to handle baby’s skin problem, especially in pimple like rush in baby face.