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Pimple Like Rash on Baby and Treatment

How to Get Rid of Baby Acne - Who says that pimples or acnes will only happen in teenagers and adults? Baby also has high risk to have pimples in a form of acnes. It is called baby pimples. For moms, especially for new moms, to see her baby suffer from pimples is quite terrifying. Fortunately, it is harmful and can disappear naturally and automatically. Similar with teenagers and adults, baby pimples are usually found in the face. However, actually you can find pimples in other parts such as back, arms, and chest. Baby pimple appears in form of acnes that is described as red bumps on the skin. Whitehead also may appear as one characteristic of baby pimple. Baby pimples usually appear in the three or four months after the baby appear. However, it can take longer depending in the condition of the baby’s skin. One of the development baby pimples is pimple like rash on baby. Rash its self is a common condition or problem that may be experienced by many babies. Pimple like rash on baby means that the rash is caused by the pimples. You may wonder how it works and what the causes are. We are going to discuss briefly pimple like rash on baby.

Pimple Like Rash on Baby and Treatment
Pimple Like Rash on Baby and Treatment
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Pimple Like Rash

Pimple like rash is a condition when some pimples create a rash on the skin. Then how can pimples create a rash? Commonly, baby pimples don’t stand alone. It consists of some red bums in one area. It is like the accumulation of acnes or a group of acnes. Some acnes that are close each other will irritate the skin. It will make the acnes interlocking. It will change the skin color into red or even darker and also change the texture of the skin. The irritated skin will bulge. That is called pimple like rash. Pimple like rash on baby can be found in many places such as face, back, arms, and other body parts.

Pimple like rash on baby is influenced by many factors. It can be hormonal factor. When baby is born, it is possible that baby receives some hormones from the mother. The hormones will cause the acnes. Another factor is cleanliness issue. Acnes can also cause by bacteria that infected the skin. Baby’s skin is sensitive and the pores are not fully formed yet. It is easier for dirt and bacteria to clog the pores. Drooling can also one of big factors that can cause pimple like rash on baby. When baby drools, the saliva will come out and make some parts of body wet. It can irritate the skin that can also cause pimple like rash on baby. Pimple like rash on baby that is located in the back can be caused by the used of fabrics that do not absorb the sweat well. This condition can irritate the skin and also clog the pores. The skin that is rubbed by something rough will also irritate the skin.

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Pimple like rash on baby can disappear naturally without any medications. However, there are some tips that can ease the irritation and also prevent pimple like rash on baby.  You need to ensure that everything is clean for the baby. Make sure that you use soap that is designed for baby to avoid skin irritation. When you wash the baby’s clothes, it is recommended that you also use some detergents that designed for baby and rinse the detergent well. When you find any pimples, don’t try to pinch them out, otherwise it will trigger more infections and acnes. When baby takes a bath, don’t scrub the irritated area. You should swipe gently with soft towel. Then, every time you see baby drools, you need to clean the skin by swiping gently with some tissue that is designed for baby’s skin.

That’s all about pimple like rash on baby. Hopefully it will help you to understand what pimple like rash on baby is, the cause and how it should be treat well. If you see that it gets worse and last longer, don’t hesitate to see some advice from the doctor.

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