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Baby Pimples on Cheeks

Baby Pimples on Cheeks
Baby Pimples on Cheeks
For Moms, baby is the most precious gift that they can get in the entire world. Seeing your baby grows happily and healthy is something that every Mom expects to have. However, it doesn’t mean that in the process, there’s nothing to be worried about. There are many challenges and problems that have to be faced by Moms and Baby. Baby pimples may become one of challenges, problems, or conditions that should be faced by moms and baby. Baby pimples, especially baby pimples on cheeks, commonly are found in two until four weeks after the baby is born. Although, it is considered as a harmless condition, but as a new mom, it can be quite terrifying to see your baby pimples on cheeks. As you know, pimples are commonly found in teenagers and adult in a form of acnes.  It becomes a big question when you see the pimples appear on baby face. Some moms may wonder whether or not it becomes a sign of more serious condition. Moms may wonder also why and how baby pimple on cheeks can appear. To answer those questions, we are going to discuss about baby pimples on cheeks, the cause, and the treatment.

Baby Pimples

As found in teenagers and adults, baby pimples are also found in form of acnes. Similar with what it’s found in teenage and adults, baby acnes look like small red bumps or pimples. Basically, pimples can be found in every part of baby face. However, they are commonly found on cheeks. It is possible that pimples or acnes can be also found in other parts of body such as in the back. Baby pimples commonly appear in the first two or four months after baby is born. However, it is also possible to be found at birth. Baby pimples on cheeks are harmless. Commonly, baby pimples on cheeks can disappear automatically within few weeks as the baby and the body system grows.

Actually, it is still a big question why and how pimples in the form of acnes can be found on baby. However, there are some factors that may become some possible causes of baby pimples. As it is found in teenage and adults, commonly, pimples in form of acnes are caused by hormones. After the baby is born, baby hasn’t performed or produces hormones as many as teenagers and adults do. However, it is possible that baby receives some hormones from their mothers. Those hormones may become a cause of baby pimples. Another possible cause is the pores in baby skin that haven’t been fully formed. This condition can make the pores clog easily and it will produce acnes. Another possible factor is the baby’s sensitive skin. The skin can easily be irritated. It will produce pimples or acnes.

The Treatment

Baby pimples on cheeks can disappear without any special treatments or medications. However, there are some tips that can be followed to treat the pimples. Ensure that you keep baby’s face clean. Then, don’t even try to pinch or squeeze the acnes. Don’t even try also to use any lotions or creams that are not recommended by doctor.

That’s all about baby pimples on cheeks. Basically, it is a harmless and normal condition. So, you don’t have to worry so much. Hopefully, this information will help you to understand about baby pimples on cheeks and how it works.

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