Monday, August 14, 2017

All You Need to Know about Baby Pimples

My Baby Has Pimples on His Face. You may be one of the mothers who experienced it. The cause of baby acne has not been identified but this is a skin condition that is considered common. This acne is a small red bump that can develop in your body or stone face. Acne can be cured without certain treatment process but this condition can make you confused. You cannot tell the difference between acne and milia. Acne is red and Milia are white. Both conditions have no relationship at all.

The Symptoms

All You Need to Know about Baby Pimples
All You Need to Know about Baby Pimples
Milia will happen on your baby's face. This is because dead skin cells are trapped in your baby's skin. Maybe milia will appear in a few weeks. You do not need to do any treatment to cure milia. Baby acne is similar to acne that appears in adults or adolescents. A red lump is a pimple. Usually, the acne also consists of a white pustule and can become reddish. The acne can develop in other parts and can usually be seen on the baby's cheeks. There are some babies who have acne on the back. The acne will be felt when your baby starts crying. The Acne can be irritated when a rough cloth touches your baby's skin. Saliva that is left too long on your baby's face will make the acne exposed to bacteria. This acne can develop four weeks after the baby is born into the world. There is acne that cannot heal for several months.

The Medication

Infant acne can heal without certain treatment but certain cases prove that the baby may experience acne prone for several months. This will definitely make you worry so you need help from a baby doctor. You can ask your doctor to make an ointment that will clear the acne from your baby's skin. You do not need to use lotions and over-the-counter medications. You should know that babies have sensitive skin. Baby's skin can get irritated easily when you apply lotion with too strong chemical content. Consultation with a pediatrician can be done to provide the right treatment for the acne. You can also talk about your baby's health. Perhaps your baby may be exposed to eczema or allergies and thus require special treatment. If your baby has allergies to certain foods, then you can give probiotik recommended by your baby's doctor.

Simple Treatment

You can do simple maintenance at home to cure the acne. You should wash your baby's face every day. You can use warm water that can provide comfort to your baby's skin. You can do this while bathing your baby. You should use a baby-specific soap with a mild formula and can make your baby's skin moist. You can ask your doctor to give you the right brand of soap. Do not rub your baby's skin with a towel. You can use a soft cloth to rub your body from your baby. You can do this in a circular motion. You just need to tap the towel so your baby's skin is clean from the water. You should never press or pinch the pimples on your baby's face. Baby acne may take a long healing time so you have to be patient.

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