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Several Treatments for Oral Thrush in Baby

Oral thrush is the mouth infection which caused by the yeast germ that also called as the Candida. Oral thrush in baby was not usually serious thing and usually can be cured with treatment. As mentioned above that thrush is the infection which caused by yeast germ that known as the Candida. You should know that mouth is the common place where the Candida can cause the infection, the Candida infection in the mouth also called as the oral thrush, the other common places for thrush to develop, they are: nappy or diaper area, vagina and the nail folds as well. Sometimes, oral thrush also releases the red pimples and they can be found in several sides, such as: both sides, tip or under tongue as well. So, you might worry when you find out pimples under tongue, do not have to worry because oral thrush is treatable.
Several Treatments for Oral Thrush in Baby
Several Treatments for Oral Thrush in Baby

Why your babies develop the oral thrush?

There are small amount of Candida organism which usually live in healthy skin in the healthy mouth as well. They usually do not bring harm, but, the overgrowth of this Candida is able to occur in mouth of several babies. So, it can cause the oral thrush as well. This overgrowth might occur because of the immune system in baby still immature, so it cannot control the Candida level. The other cause, if your baby get recent course using antibiotic medication. You should know that the antibiotic can kill good bacteria which live inside your baby’s mouth. Good bacteria usually help to control Candida level in baby’s mouth. If only few good bacteria, the overgrowth Candida might occur. Also, if you are breastfeeding and you recently get antibiotics yourself, then the level of good bacteria could be affected as well. This thing can make you and your baby more likely developing the thrush.

Around 1 from 7 babies had been developed a bout of oral thrush in some points. This is most common occur in babies who younger than 10 weeks, however, it can occur in older babies as well. The oral thrush was not usually because of poor hygiene and your baby is ill in other ways. Even some babies also experiencing of recurring oral thrush.

The treatments

On some babies, there is no required treatment. There are many mild cases of oral thrush which only last in short time, around few days or more and without getting any treatment. But you might feel worry when you know that there is pimple on tongue tip in your baby. If you have concerns and decide to get treatment, your doctor usually prescribes with a gel which contain of anti-thrush medicine which called as the miconazole. You can apply this gel in the affected area inside your baby’s mouth by using clean finger. You should follow the instruction carefully. You can apply the gel after feeding in order to prevent the risk of chocking and apply only a little at the time.

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