Pimples under Tongue Treatments

Pimples under Tongue Treatments
Pimples under Tongue Treatments
Mouth problems are many. Some of them are easy to take care because a mother could see it directly then do immediate treatment. However, some others like pimples under tongue are quite hard to notice which result in pain feeling experienced by the baby.  If it caused by certain virus, then you could see some symptoms accompanied it. Your baby might have fever, sore throat that results in poor feeding, itchy skin and even low energy. If your baby is having these signs, then you had better give an urgent treatment.

Pimples under Tongue Treatments
Pimples under Tongue Treatments
Since it caused by virus, all you can do is keeping your baby comfortable and giving proper treatment so that your baby’s body could fight the virus back. If you are confused about how to get rid of pimple on tongue, then you only need to do the following steps.

1. Give your baby suitable foods

To begin with, you need to find the suitable foods your baby wants to eat. Since it is mouth problem, it is common if your baby refuse to any of his or her favorite foods or drinks. Avoid giving any spicy, salty as well as acidic foods because it will aggravate the sores. In other words, it would holdup the healing process. For your preference, it will better if you give your baby bland soup, ice cream, or other soft foods that is easy to eat.

2. Drink is important

Since your baby is having a mouth problem, the possibility of having dehydration is high. It is due to the poor appetite your baby has. Giving lots of water is very good to prevent dehydration. Besides, a dry mouth will be very torturing for your baby as well. Therefore, it is better to keep water, milk or low acid juice in your hand and give it to your baby any time he or she needs it.

3. Numb the mouth

Other option to make your baby feel comfortable is by making his or her mouth numb. You could give your baby ice pops of or other types of frozen foods or drinks so that the cold will hide the pain. On the other hand, it will keep your baby’s mouth hydrated as well.

4. Give your baby pain reliever

If you already do all the previous options but still having your baby crying in pain, then taking a pain reliever might be suitable to solve the problem. As a suggestion, it will be good to take acetaminophen or ibuprofen to reduce your baby’s pain. However, give these pain relievers only when your baby is in the most pain. Always remember to read the instruction as well.

5. Visit a doctor

Make a schedule to visit the doctor is a very good idea too if all of the previous suggestion did not work. You could use the doctor’s permission to have xylocaine with Mylanta and Benedryl in the pharmacist. On the other hand, if you are not sure enough, you could ask your doctor about the suitable medicine you can give to your baby for the pimples under tongue problem.