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Pimples under Tongue Causes and Treatment

For a mother, having baby with pimples under tongue is a very worrisome problem. Not only pimples, baby mouth is a very sensitive place to be attacked of lesion, inflammation, sores, bumps, blister, and even syst. They appear because of some condition. As a mother, you should have a deep understanding about the causes as well as how to give a proper treatment since those problems might cause painful feeling when the baby is eating.

The causes of problem in baby’s mouth

Pimples under Tongue Causes and Treatment
Pimples under Tongue Causes and Treatment
The first most possible cause is the contact your baby has with the outside world. There a lots types of viruses that could cause blister or bumps in your baby tongue.  The most common virus is the Coxsackie virus. It will affect your baby’s hand, foot as well as mouth. It is also associated with the skin rash having by many toddlers. The symptoms of the spreading of this virus are fever, sore throat as well as very tiring body. Since your baby could not speak clearly when they experience these symptoms, you need to take a very good awareness; for example, when your baby suddenly refuse his or her favorite drink or food. It might be one indication that he or she is actually suffering from sore throat. In many cases, the occurrence of red spot in the tongue takes one or two days after the baby has sore throat. At the same period, some babies even having rash skin, red spots or even blisters on their palms or feet. Some other even have it on their buttocks or near the genital organ.
In other cases, the cause of baby’s moth problem is actually starting from a very simple thing. Small bump on the tongue also could be caused of the inflamed papillae, it is the taste buds on the baby’s tongue. How could it happen? The reason is that a mother feeds her baby with too hot foods or drink. If you feel that you never gave too hot food or drink to your baby, then it could be caused of your baby bites his or her tongue when they are eating as well. Now, you really need to pay full attention to your baby eating time because simple thing could lead to big unwanted problem too.

Pimple on tongue home remedies

If you are facing this problem right now, we could offer you some home remedies that might be helpful to solve your baby mouth problem. First, you could use honey. Simply apply it to your baby’s blister. Honey known to have a good anti inflammatory as well as anti bacterial properties that will reduce the burning sensation and kill the bacteria at the same time. The use of honey in the affected parts of your baby’s tongue will alleviate it and makes your baby able to eat comfortably again. Alternatively, if you may, you could also try to give your baby yogurt as well. Yogurt has some properties that will overcome the sore tongue and mouth. It will lower the pain caused by blister or pimples under tongue as well.

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