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Pimples On 1 Month Old Baby

Pimples On 1 Month Old Baby
Pimples On 1 Month Old Baby
Your baby has Pimples on 1 month old baby? This infant pimple usually begin appear at 2-3 weeks of age and there are about 40% of newborns experience this infant pimple. Fortunately, this pimple is temporary and can disappear with itself. What causes baby experience baby acne? Such as adult or teens acne, baby pimple is also caused by hormonal changes. But in this case, it is not baby hormones that prompting the baby acne, but their mom hormonal that flow and circulate in baby bloodstream.

The maternal hormones will stimulate the oil glands at baby and cause baby pimples to appear. In addition, baby skin is not immature yet and full developed that makes their skin as easy target for dirt and make blemish appear easily.

How to get your baby acne rid of? There are no treatments that you need to do except waiting it to solve away by their own. There is several treatments that you can do for treating skin with baby pimple.  First, do not squeeze your baby pimple as it can result irritation and inflammation that make worst. Second, clean the skin in area of baby pimple two times daily, and pat dry use towel gently.

Third, do not use any cream, lotion, or even the cream medication if it is not prescribed by your doctor. Fourth, try natural remedies for this baby pimple. Dab the baby pimple affected area with breast milk as this believed can speed the heal process from baby pimple.

How you differ that it is baby pimple or skin rash? There are many skin conditions that appear on baby in their first weeks. This can make a new mom confuse to different baby pimple with other newborn skin condition such as milla or diaper rash. Here the key, the baby pimple looks like red pimple, but milla is look like tiny whitehead. The same things about them are, they need to be treated with washing, and waiting to disappear with it. There are other skin condition that tends to appears by baby face and surround:

• The red bumps such as acne looks like and most often appears at arms, leg and upper chest with cluster of tiny and moist bumps is called with Baby heat rash. This skin usually gets tingly, itchy and makes your baby become moodier rather than usual.

• Diaper rash. This rash appears as red and irritated skin in baby diaper area.

• Cradle crap. This is skin condition that usually appears on head although it can spread into eyebrow and upper body. The appearance is red bumps with size smaller rather than baby pimple and also accompanied with flaky skin.

• Infant eczema. In this skin condition, skin look dry, red, and flaky with patched.

The baby pimple usually last by the time until they grow 6 month. If you worrying your baby get scars, then you can consult with your doctor. Bring your baby when you see the infant pimple look infected such as their skin get extra red appearance, swelling or discharge. Or if you suspect there is eczema that require medication cream to rid of.

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