Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mouth Problems in Baby that You Should Know

There are several mouth problems which can plaque this perfect little mouth, including of: bumps or pimples under tongue, sores, lesions, cysts and inflammation. Some of them were so painful, especially when eating and the others mostly unnoticeable as well. And of course, even in very young age, baby or toddler can have a risk for the tooth decay.

What the cause of baby’s mouth problems?

Mouth Problems in Baby that You Should Know
Mouth Problems in Baby that You Should Know
Almost 90% babies were born with the gingival cysts or also known as the Epstein pearls, that look like white or yellow fish round patches around the roof and gum line of the mouth as well. Fortunately, there were not considered as harmful problems in your baby. The other common mouth’s problems, including of thrush which also known as the Candida that is overgrowth of yeast in the mouth and causing the white patches as well.

The baby or toddler’s mouth becomes the opening to the outside, of course ready to attack against the viruses. There is a coxsackie virus which can cause the small blister bumps under tongue, cheek’s sides or near the throat as well. In toddler, one of the most common issues is the canker sores, white or yellow round sores which had been surrounded by inflamed red skin and mostly caused by trauma, such as: new teeth biting into their check or virus as well. You should keep in mind that if you had bad habit of let your baby or toddler getting asleep with the bottle still stay in their mouth, they might increase the risk nursing carries or even tooth decay as well.

When you should bring your baby to the doctor?

The American Academy of Pediatric Density had been recommended visit the pediatric dentist when your child getting his first tooth appear or at least on his first year of life. If you had pass this thing and having concerns about unusual thing, this is better to make schedule for his first checkup. That said, there are many common of mouth’s problems in newborns getting far away by their own. However, if this problem least over than several weeks, or it develops fever along with the other symptoms, you should call your doctor to get clear diagnosis.

What you should do to treat your baby’s mouth problems? And how?

This also depending on the concerns, there are many mouth’s problems which can be treated at house. You might think about how to get rid of pimple under tongue? Or other problems such as white or yellow round patches. If your baby had been developed the thrush, ensure that you sterilize the bottle nipples and the other pacifiers, if you are breastfeeding, you might be passing it back and forth (you might feel that your nipples itchy, sore, burning or puffy even when you are not give feeding in your baby). So you should ask your doctor to get prescribed anti fungus cream for your nipples or you can ask for right treatment.

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