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Can babies get pimples?

Can babies get pimples?
Can babies get pimples?
Can babies get pimples? Yes, it is common for baby pimples to occur in their first week and months. This baby pimple can appear at birth, but usually will appear after few weeks. The looks of baby pimple are such as teenage pimple with red or white bumps and can surround with reddish skin. The baby pimple appears at cheek, forehead, chin, and even in the back. It just likely teen or adult acne right? The baby pimple can be caused by irritated skin by milk, saliva, or rough fabric or cloth that wash with strong detergent. The blemish in baby face is usually not acne. The tiny bump that present at birth and will disappear after few weeks is Millia, and this not linked with pimple or acne. The skin irritation that look with rash and scaly then pimply may be a condition that possibly eczema or cradle crap.

How long baby acne will last? It usually will goes away in few weeks after the breakouts but sometimes it also can stands for up 3 months. You might see there are more different acne appears and there also several skin condition that baby experience that seems as acne. The skin infection, eczema, and millia is the most common skin problem that experience with the baby. Acne in older babies can be as indication that your babies will have acne in their later life.

To treat your baby pimple, it is best to leave it alone. Although it can be tempting your baby but try to not put any cream or lotion on it. This just will make your baby pimple worst. Baby pimple need to treat by naturally. If your baby has baby pimples, you can do these several things. First, wash your baby skin face but do not too often. If you wash it too much, this will make your baby skin dry and make skin cell stimulate more oils. These oil glands can cause baby acne appears more and more.

Use the mild soap that formulated for baby skin. It is better to use rather than use the adult or family soap. Be careful when you wash the skin. Move in circular motion in gentle and then pat dry use towel.

1. Wash your baby with mild soap. It is important for not using oil lotion for your baby skin treatment. Oil based lotion will trigger oil glands that make your baby pimples worst.

2. Only use the over the counter medication that prescribed by your doctor. Your doctor may prescribe mild hydrocortisone cream under 1%. Hydrocortisone cream will soothe dry skin due to the baby pimples. The cream also reduces the pain and relieves itchy skin. In addition, the hydrocortisone also will help to lighter the skin. Just remember that hydrocortisone can make skin pain when it is applied into the areas close mouth and eye. Avoid these areas when you apply the cream.

3. Your doctor also may recommend antibiotic unless your pediatrician concern to your baby severe scars or cyst that appears.

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