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Baby Has Little Pimples On Face

Baby Has Little Pimples On Face
Baby Has Little Pimples On Face
Baby has little pimples on face is very common condition. Babies are develops much of skin condition in their first month life. These skin conditions include diaper rash, milia, diaper rash, milk irritation, baby pimple, and many more. Some of these skin conditions due to hormonal change or the pores that immature and other are caused by irritation, infection or inflammation. Because these skin condition is included to normal, then there are no special treatment that needed except patient to wait it disappear with their own. Just when you identify that there are signs of infection and rash so you will need to take additional treatment. Ensure that you have consult with your doctor before you do your baby pimple treatment. Different from adult or teen pimple, it is not recommended for apply over the counter cream or using lotion to this baby pimple.

Baby pimple is common in infant and newborn. The baby pimple is characterized with small white bump with surrounded red and raised skin. The red bumps make worse appearance to your baby acne when the baby crying or fussy. The baby pimple is also can irritated with fabric that washed with strong detergent, saliva, and spit up. Often, the newborn babies are present with baby pimple in their first month. This condition will continue until the baby gets 6 month old. The baby pimple is appears on cheek, chin, forehead and at their back.

Differences between milia, baby pimple and eczema

Your baby at their new weeks will experience with a lot of skin condition, include millia. Millia is a skin condition that seems as same as baby acne. The millia appears as tiny bumps in forehead or cheek when they birth and then disappear within first month. Millia is not contagious and not painful so this will not make your baby discomfort. Millia is condition where dead skin trapped into tiny pocket in skin surface. In contrary, baby pimple is caused by hormonal changes that take place in ending of pregnancy. The mother hormones cross the placenta to her child in final trimester and stimulate the oil glands on baby skin and make baby pimple occur. The next condition is eczema.

This is skin condition that also looks like as baby pimple. The difference, it will not go away with their own such as baby pimples. Infant eczema is another common skin problem that appears in first baby newborn. This usually appears at 1-5 month of age. The eczema appears as red bumps and patches. Some babies experience rash in their body when they get older.

To treat your baby pimple, just wait it to go all their way. You just need to keep your baby skin stay clean. Wash their face gently with lukewarm water and mild soap. Do not scrub the skin with affected area as this can irritate your baby's skin. Be patient, because it not painful and bother your baby. Therefore, if you see your baby has little pimples on face, you do not need to worry.

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