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Understanding Baby Acne on Chest

Baby acne on chest is one of the most problematic issue a new mother would experience. Having a newborn, especially for the first time, is a lot of work. For new mothers, this series of endless work should be figured out as they go. They may have read a lot of books during their pregnancy to educate themselves on their pregnancy and the new life ahead of them – what to expect and what to do during a series of events. This is all done to prepare themselves, but as soon as they have given birth to their little munchkins they realize that motherhood is not something that one can put on cruise control. The things they have read may be helpful as guidelines, but when it comes to other aspects of motherhood and caring for a newborn, they find that they must take it one step at a time.

New mothers realize the hard way that they must face a lot of issues they have never read in the past, this leads to confusion and at times, anxiety. So imagine how would you, as a mother, feel if one morning you woke up and found there were a lot of acne-looking bumps all over your baby’s precious face. Upon inspection, you found that the face was not the only problem area as it seems like the angry red bumps also had made its way to the upper chest of your newborn. Shocked would be an understatement. Shortly after your findings you could not help but analyze every single aspect prior to this day, what did I give to my baby? Is it the baby soap? Or is it an allergic reaction from his new formula? Everything was possible and you would not leave a stone unturned – hence the need to remember everything you have given or exposed to your newborn. Then, perhaps, your mother or one of neighbors told you that it was either baby acnes or eczema. What are these condition and is baby acne on chest a legitimate skin condition?

All you need to know about baby acne

Understanding Baby Acne on Chest
Understanding Baby Acne on Chest
We understand the confusion. “Acne” is a skin condition that we, as an adult, are all familiar with. How can we not when we have bouts of acne outbreak every now and then, although it was not as worse as it had been in the past during our puberty years. But that strikes as odd, how is it even possible? Yes, this skin condition is highly influenced by our hormones, which is the reason why those who are in puberty are susceptible to the condition. Particularly in women, their sensitive androgen receptors trigger oil production that is higher than normal. This excessive oil always results in sticky skin cells, and when this happens, it ends up in clogged pores and ultimately, acne breakouts. With this in mind, it does not make sense how our baby can suffer from baby acne on chest outbreak.

As odd as it is, this skin condition is one of the most common conditions to happen to newborns. It may affect them just a few hours after birth or it may not appear until after a few weeks later. They may not have trouble with hormone imbalances, but much to the mother's’ surprise, it is not their hormones that affect them – but rather their own mothers’ hormones.

Baby acne on chest and other problem areas is prompted by their maternal hormones. This is largely due to the fact that during the last few stages of your pregnancy, your hormones may circulate wildly. When this happens, there is always a big chance of it entering the placenta which connects you with the baby and then into the bloodstream of your baby – immediately stimulating and wreaking havoc in the baby’s oil glands. The fact that your baby’s pore skin are not fully-developed yet also makes things worse. Not only does it make your newborn an easy target for dirt infiltration, it also worsens the blemish.

How to avoid, or perhaps treat this skin condition?

While your baby is most likely not directly affected, in terms of discomfort or pain, by their skin condition, we can understand your urge to get this skin condition taken care of immediately. It is hard to see your precious baby with all of those bumps and white or reddish marks all over their forehead, cheek, chin, neck, back and even upper chest. However, when it comes to how to avoid this problem, we are afraid to inform you that there is nothing you can do but keeping the problem areas cleaned and being extremely patient about this. Letting the nature takes its course is perhaps the best single piece of advice we can give you when treating baby acne on chest. Unlike Eczema, baby acne typically does not cause extreme itchiness and discomfort, so keeping these areas clean by cleansing them thoroughly with water and patting them dry with a clean towel two to three times a day is enough to get the condition under control. This may make you raise your eyebrow, but it is indeed that easy. Do not even entertain the idea of cleansing the problem areas with soap or worse, skin care products which are typically meant for adults. Not only do they aggravate the condition, they also negatively affect your baby’s sensitive skin.

Giving your baby natural remedies to help quicken the healing process is also a good idea. Some mothers who have gone through the same episode highly suggest others to dab their baby’s affected area with their own breast milk. However, it’s worth noting that baby acne that affects the upper chest area tends to make the infected area extremely dry which is the reason why you are allowed to give this area moisturizer for sensitive skin that is formulated for a baby’s skin each time after cleansing and drying the area. If this problem persists for a very long time, you may visit the pediatrician and get prescription paraffin bath and E45 cream to treat baby acne on chest.

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