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Things to Know about Baby Pimples

Things to Know about Baby Pimples
Things to Know about Baby Pimples
What is a pimple? Pimple or acne is one of many skin problems that are commonly suffered by the adult. However, don’t you know that the pimple can also be appeared on the skin of baby? Well, if you are a mom, you must have experienced to see some small spots on the baby’s skin like on the cheek or chin. There is a possibility that the spots are pimples just like the adults have. You should not worry so much that this condition is not dangerous at all. Besides, it is a common thing for babies since they were born up to 7 months. Although it is not a big deal at all, just like the pimples of adults, of course, this condition is not comfortable for the baby. Based on that fact, if you see a small and white or red lump with reddish skin surrounding, it must be healed as soon as possible. There is an interesting fact about the baby’s pimple; the baby boy commonly has more pimples than the baby girl.

The Causes

The pimples including pimple on lip can be caused by many factors. It can be caused by the condition of environment like high temperature, dust, and pollution. Besides, the irritation and allergy can also be other factors of the pimples’ appearances. The skin of some babies must also be very sensitive toward some matters like saliva, milk, cloth with coarse texture, certain types of detergent, and many others. If the baby already consumes the additional or formula milk, the skin problems including the pimples can also be one of the causes. Of course, it is much better to avoid giving the baby the things that probably causes the pimples. However, if this is something that cannot be easily avoided, there is no other choice. You have to heal the pimples before it is getting bigger and making the baby feel more uncomfortable.

How to Get Rid Of

The baby’s skin is still very sensitive. Therefore, it seems you don’t need to smear the anti acne or ointment like what adult commonly does. The use of cream or ointment can even cause any other worse problems. The pores that are obstructed by the cream are even actually other causes for pimples. You can do some steps to clean and heal the pimples. You must firstly wash the baby’s skin with warm water and soap produced especially for the baby. The reason why there is the pimple can be due to the oil that obstructs the pores. It is not something exaggerated to make sure that the baby’s skin must always be clean and dry. It is possible if the pimple is caused by certain products commonly used like the soap, powder, or baby oil. You can try to stop using them for a moment to make sure whether the condition will be getting better or not. Meanwhile, for the pimple area itself, you can use smooth cotton with warm water to clean the area. You should not add other chemical substance for this matter. This way of cleaning should be done at least once a day after you see that the pimples are dry.

The main important thing here is mainly about how to keep the baby’s skin clean. Make sure to take him or her bath twice a day using soap especially produced for the baby that has less chemical ingredients. Actually, if it is okay to use the soap, there is no need to change it into other product or brand. While the pimples are still there, it is better to avoid using lotion, cream, or oil that are able to fill in the pores. Until the pimples are gone, the use of baby moisturizer or baby facial wash is more recommended than ream or lotion. It is for the exception if the baby has any other problem like dry skin. The treatment for pimples on the face and body can be different as well. Since face tends to be more sensitive, lessening the use of products with chemical substance even if it is for the baby is better. Meanwhile, the light lotion can be used if the pimples are appeared on the back, chest, or neck.

Other Treatments

When he or she feels not comfortable at all, you may often find your baby want to scratch the skin. Of course, it is your duty to keep his or her hands from the face and other parts with pimples. You may wear them with baby gloves at least until the pimples are disappeared. The pimples that are scratched can cause infection and other serious skin conditions. You also have to clean and dry the baby’s skin if he or she spits out the saliva or the milk touches the skin when breastfeeding. Letting the moist condition on the skin area can just give the baby problems including the appearance of pimple. Wearing him or her cloth pedestal around the neck is really helpful to keep the clothes clean and dry.

What to Avoid

If there are pimples on the baby skin, there are some things that you should not do. The first and the most important thing is not pushing the pimples since it can cause irritation as well as remain the scar. You must not also use such a strong skin medication including peroxide or salicylic acid that is naturally intended for the adults. It is common also to use oil to be smeared on the skin. Of course, it is not allowed at all. The use of oil can even make the pimples are getting worse and bigger. The consumption of medication must also be under the medical prescription. Sure, treating the skin problem of the baby is very different from that of adults. For the exception if the condition is already severe, the use of chemical substance for medication is really not recommended. You should not also scrub the pimples. Yes, the pimples of baby don’t mean that the skin is dirty. If you wash or scrub the baby pimples too often, it can be blistered.

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