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How to Get Rid of the Baby Pimples

How to Get Rid of the Baby Pimples
How to Get Rid of the Baby Pimples
We may often hear the word pimple in our daily life. So, what is a pimple actually? Pimple is commonly associated to the acne. Pimple or acne is a condition when the inflammation is occured due to the dirt that obstructs the pore. It is such a normal thing actually. Even the pimple is one indication that your body is already in a good condition. However, have you ever heard that the pimple can also be appeared on the baby’s skin? It sounds weird probably. However, if you are a mom, you must sometimes find some lumps or spots on the baby skin that are indeed similar to the adult’s pimple. This is what so-called as the baby pimple. Sure, not all the baby pimples have the same causes as with what the adult has. However, it is not a condition that you must worry so much. It is basically something normal in which baby commonly experience even on the early stage of his or her life since they were born up to 7 months. Here are then some matters you have to know regarding the baby pimples. Check them out.

The Causes

There are some matters that can cause the appearance of pimples on the baby’s skin. The most common is regarding the external factors. Just like the adult, it is possible that the pimple is appeared due to the dust or dirt that obstructs the pore and cause inflammation. More than that, the baby’s skin tends to be more sensitive as well so that such a thing is really possible to be happened. Another cause that is probably not experienced by the adult is due to the spit of saliva and milk that touch the skin during the breastfeeding. If you don’t clean the saliva and milk immediately, the irritation that cause pimples can be happened. It is actually indeed not good to let the baby’s skin in the moist condition. The baby can also suffer from allergy due to the usage or consumption of certain things or products. They can suffer allergy of milk whether the breast milk or the formula. Pay attention also to the products used including the soap, baby oil, or baby powder. They can also be the causes of pimples appeared on the baby’s skin even including the pimple on lip.

How to Remove the Baby Pimples

If the pimples on adults can be removed by using anti acne cream or ointment, it seems you must avoid using it for the baby. As it has been mentioned before that baby’s skin is very sensitive. The application of wrong treatment can just make the condition worse. It is much better to use such a natural way to get rid of the pimple. The most important thing in this case is actually how you can keep the skin clean and dry. Make sure you let the baby take a bath at least twice in a day. For the pimple’s treatment, you only need to use the sterile cotton with warm water. Then, use the cotton to clean the part with pimple regularly until it is clean. Make sure you are not brushing it too hard since it can cause blister and irritation. For the pimples that are appeared on the face, make sure that you don’t smear anything else except only cleaning it with the pure water. There is a possibility that the pimple is appeared due to the lotion and oil you use. If you keep using it, it can just make the condition is worse and the pimple can be even bigger. Meanwhile, since the body’s skin is considered as less sensitive than the face, it is not a big deal if you want to use some kinds of treatment with a note that it is indeed specially for the baby. The pimples can be disappeared by themselves actually. However, if this condition makes your baby feel itchy and uncomfortable, it is better to get rid of as soon as possible.

Other Treatments

The problem here is that the pimples are appeared on the baby’s skin. It means that the baby must not be able to control themselves. Well, it is since they are still the babies. It is possible for the baby to scratch or simply touch the pimples since they may feel so itchy. Of course, the adult must be them who control the baby’s movement. One of them is by wearing them a pair of gloves. The scratch on the pimple can cause some other more serious problems like infection or inflammation. Meanwhile, you must also avoid using lotion or cream that can make the pores are being obstructed. The use of cream and lotion can even make the pimples worse. It is for the exception if the baby has dry skin. It can be a solution for both the dry skin and the pimples. You must aware every time you do the breastfeeding or feed the baby. It is often happened when the milk and food are stained the skin. You have to clean and dry it as soon as possible since it can be one of the factors of allergy and pimples. Using cloth on the neck is also suggested so that the milk and food will not stain the clothes.
Things to Avoid 
It is often mentioned that you should not do some of these activities when there are pimples. Of course, those must also not be done when the pimples are on the baby’s skin. You must not push the pimples to take out the dirt, just let it be. Besides, you should not also using outer medication that is considered as strong including the benzoyl peroxyde or salicylic acid. If such a medication is really needed, you have to make sure to use them under the medical prescription. One more thing, the pimples of baby are not dirt, if you brush it too often it can just cause irritation and blister. Rub it smoothly while cleaning is basically the best thing you can do.

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