How to Distinguish and Treat Baby Acne on Chest

How to Distinguish and Treat Baby Acne on Chest
How to Distinguish and Treat Baby Acne on Chest
“Is there such thing as baby acne on chest?” is, perhaps, one of the most popular questions asked by many new, young mothers. When it comes to matters related to health, even adults can find it difficult to pinpoint the exact health issues they are dealing with, this task is even more difficult when newborn or babies are the ones who are involved. Let’s say we, adults, wake up one morning and find a skin issue on our chest. As much knowledge we have about possible skin issues, it would still be difficult for us to identify which skin issue that plagues us and determine the causes as well as the treatment needed to make it go away. We most likely go to see a dermatologist, but at the very least, during our session we would be able to precisely inform the health care provider how it feels, how you felt a few  days prior to the first outbreak, and help the dermatologist to find the problem.

How to Distinguish and Treat Baby Acne on Chest
How to Distinguish and Treat Baby Acne on Chest
Babies lack the ability to guide you or the dermatologist through the process of identifying the problem, even they cannot adequately inform others of how they are feeling or how the skin issue is making them feel – it becomes your responsibility to find the answer alone and find the appropriate cure for their well-being, hence the needs of many new mothers to ask whether or not the condition can be identified as baby acne on chest. It looks pretty much like the one on your baby’s face, the only difference lies in the fact that they are located on the baby’s chest. As you search for your answer, you stumble across an article that says baby acne cannot possibly affect the chest area of your baby – and your search is back to square one, not knowing what the skin issue that affects your newborn is, not even a hunch. Luckily, you have come to the right website as we are just about to help distinguish the possible causes of the skin issue that has been bothering your baby.

Understanding the differences between Baby Acne and Eczema

Baby acne as well as Eczema are two of the most common skin conditions that happen to our babies no matter how well we have been taking care of them. Both of these skin conditions may appear on your newborn when they are still a few weeks old – it is said that both of these skin conditions may also appear on your baby when they are still just a few hours old. If you are a new mother, the glaring red patches that appear out of nowhere on your baby’s typically smooth and fine-looking skin may freak you out completely. The noticeable changes is night and day, and the stark contrast is not the only thing that bothers you, the noticeable discomfort that your newborn is showing is also bound to make you extremely worried. Yes, baby acne and eczema may not always cause discomfort, but when it becomes so bad that it causes discomfort, you will end up with one extremely fussy baby.

Both of these skin conditions are classified as types of temporary newborn rash, not only are they common, they are also curable. Knowing that this condition is curable is enough to make you feel relieved, but in a bid to provide your newborn with the help they need, you must first understand the exact skin condition – simply because one of these skin conditions, although similar in its appearance, is not the same as the other. With that being said, the treatment that your newborn needs may very well be different.

Just as you would find in adult’s pimples, baby acne on your newborn also have the similar white or red bump appearance. This skin condition may present as early as just hours after birth, and before you ask the primary cause of this condition, we will point out to the fact that during the final stages of your pregnancy, your hormones may float and cross directly into the baby’s placenta, when this happens, the hormones automatically stimulate the baby’s oil glands. This baby acne condition may affect the temples, forehead, or cheeks of your baby – sometimes, just like adults, they at times also affect the back, neck as well as your baby’s upper chest area. If your baby has a pimple-like condition, regardless of whether the bumps are red or white, you must keep reading to find out how to treat baby acne on chest.

How to treat your newborn’s Baby Acne

Baby acne on chest is a lot like baby acnes affecting the other part of your newborn’s body as well as other types of skin rashes. They are temporary and may be treated on your own. With babies, this can be difficult – especially the baby acne that causes a great deal of discomfort. As mothers, we always strive to give only the best things for our children – with babies, this means we must perhaps avoid medicines and any other chemical substance. While it may help the issues, the fact that our babies are extremely sensitive and susceptible to side effects may pose a huge problem both right at this moment and in the long run.

Babies, in many cases of baby acne on chest, are typically not affected by the acnes. When the acnes do not cause any discomfort whatsoever, mothers are advised to let the nature take its course. This skin condition is not only temporary, but also can be treated easily with natural means and a little patience, other than that, make sure you follow these tips compiled below when treating your baby’s acne outbreak:
• You may be tempted to scrub or squeeze the acne, don’t. It will only aggravate the skin condition and possibly worsen the case.
• Avoid any type of skin care products, especially the ones meant for adults.
• Cleanse the problem areas with water for three times or more throughout the day and gently pat them dry after each time. Do not use soap when you cleanse the baby acne on chest area.