Baby Pimples, Is It Dangerous for Baby’s Health?

Baby Pimples, Is It Dangerous for Baby’s Health?
Baby Pimples, Is It Dangerous for Baby’s Health?
Newborn baby skin is certainly sensitive. Even, there are mothers finding baby pimples on the newborn baby skin. Baby pimple or baby acne is acne growing on the skin when the baby was newly born. Baby acne usually appears on cheek, nose, and forehead. Is it dangerous for baby’s health? Be calm, this acne is usually normal and temporary. You don’t get worried badly. Just do some preventive ways to solve the health problems.
Baby Pimples, Is It Dangerous for Baby’s Health?
Baby Pimples, Is It Dangerous for Baby’s Health?

The Symptoms of Baby Pimple

Baby pimples are normally marked by small red bumps or pustule on the cheek, nose, or forehead of newborn baby. Baby acne often appears within two or four weeks after the baby birth. Baby acne will be seen clearly when your baby is crying or fussy. In addition, it also appears small white bumps on the baby’s nose, cheek, and chin. The bumps are famous for milia. It has no relationship with acnes. It can be regarded to normal and remove in some weeks. So, don’t worry about the symptom. Seeing the symptoms of baby acne of course makes you worried. Is it necessary to go to the doctor? The baby pimple will disappear for 3 to 4 months without treatment. But, if you feel afraid, you can consult to the doctor.

The Causes of Baby Pimples

Actually, there is nobody exactly knowing about the causes of baby pimples. Some experts conclude that acne can appear from mom’s hormone entering to the baby’s body system and brought after birth. The hormone influences baby’s skin and sweat gland. Adrenal and androgen hormone becomes the main cause of baby acne transferred through placenta at the end of mom’s pregnancy. During the end of pregnancy, mom’s hormone placenta can enter to the body of baby through breast milk. The hormone will influence baby’s hormone. As a result, it is stimulating oil gland and causing the appearance of baby acne.

Baby acne is also ordinarily caused by immature sweat glands so that baby’s pores are blocked. This is surely causing the appearance of baby acne. The baby acne is mostly appearing at 2 to 3 week. This skin problem is even lasting up to baby’s age for 4 to 5 months. Despite of hormone factor and sweat gland, baby pimples may occur due to drugs drunken by mom like contraception medicine. Even, medicine consumed by baby can cause baby acne as well. Baby acne is only able to diagnose to the direct observation. There are no special tests to diagnose it.

How to Rid of Baby Pimples 

Baby acne may make you worried whether it is able to remove for weeks or not. Normally, baby pimples will rid of within weeks but there are few cases staying for months. If the baby pimples don’t remove after 3 months, you can consult to the doctor. As a mother, of course you want to apply home remedy treatments to reduce baby pimples. There are some methods to cure it.

Doctor’s Treatment
Because newborn baby acne will lose for certain months, there are actually no recommended medical treatments. In some cases, it has possibly a baby suffering pimple for months. But, it is believed that it becomes a sign that your baby will face an acne problem at teenage. You can meet a doctor to gain his treatment. The doctor usually suggests you such cream or the other treatments to handle baby acne. Don’t ever give oral drug to your baby before checking and consulting to the doctor. Some products enable to soften and even damage your baby’s skin.

Home Remedy
There are some home remedies to do in preventing and healing baby acne. Firstly, you need to keep cleanliness of your baby face skin. You have to wash your baby face with warm water for 2 – 3 times per a day. With this simple way, baby pimples can remove itself. Then, concern on the baby skin and body cleanliness. Don’t get your baby exposed by bacteria or prickly heat. When your baby has finished bathing, you can clean him with soft and warm towel on acne areas. Just pat baby face skin gently. Don’t rub it because it is causing irritation or infection. For baby pimples, you may apply special light moisturizer for times in a week and rinse it with warm water. Those steps are easily conducted at home.
Things to Do and Not to Do
After you have implemented above ways, you need to notice some banned and allowed things to do in curing and healing baby pimples. The things to do are washing your baby skin with light – formula soap because the appearance of baby acne is caused by blocked oil due to the changing of hormones in baby’s body. It is important to keep baby skin clean and dry. Clean your baby face skin at least once in a day and use a clean towel to dry it. Please, keep your baby preventing scratching face. You can dress him up gloves until the baby acne is removed and healed. Clean soon baby skin anytime he salivates during being breasted or eaten. Don’t let his mouth condition wet because it worsens the baby acne condition.

What are things to not to for baby pimples? Firstly, you need to prevent pressing pimples on baby skin. If there is pimple on the face, your hands usually get itchy to press it. Don’t ever squeeze baby pimples because it is making irritation or permanent scar on baby skin. In addition, the condition of baby acne is getting worst because bacteria and germ on hands are attaching on baby face skin due to touching directly. Then, prevent the use of lotion. You may strongly heal baby acne with lotion but it worsens baby acne condition. It is mostly caused by excessive lotion usage. The used lotion must be recommended by a doctor because it contains more chemical substances. If it is used inappropriately with the dosage, of course it is making your baby pimples serious. Those are many more things about baby pimples that you should know.