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The Causes and Healing of Baby Pimples

The Causes and Healing of Baby Pimples
The Causes and Healing of Baby Pimples
As a mom, you may feel so worry when seeing the appearance of pimples on the skin of your baby. Baby pimples or known also as neonatorun acne is a condition experienced by around 20% of newborn babies up to 2-4 weeks after that. The pimples can be appeared around the face, neck, back, and even hands or feet. There are basically some symptoms to be recognized in term of baby pimples. The first is that the pimples or acnes will be changed into rash, like a small and red spot. When the baby feels thermal or probably angry for a certain matter, the rash is common to be seen. However, there is also a condition when the rash or pimples are not visible at all. Without giving anything to heal it, the pimples can just disappear naturally in 4 months without leaving marks. Although it is more common for babies to experience the pimples when they are still newborn, there are some of the babies with pimples until they are 3 years old. The case for pimples in three years is quite rarely, on the other hand. So, do you want to know more about this matter? Check them out.

The Causes

Basically, what cause the baby pimples is due to the hormone change inside the body. It influences the performance of oil gland under the skin. The process is started even when the baby is still in the womb. In the latest stage of pregnancy, the mom’s hormone can enter the baby’s area through placenta. One of the hormones is adrenal androgen that is known as the main cause of the pimples after the baby is born. More than that, such a hormone can also enter the baby’s body through the process of breast feeding. Of course, although it is a sort of hormone that is not naturally owned by the baby, once it enters the body, it can give influence or affect the natural hormone produced by the baby. The mom’s hormone particularly the adrenal androgen is able to stimulate the oil gland to produce more pimples.

Despite the hormonal factors, there are other reasons why the pimples can be appeared. During the pregnancy and breastfeeding period, the mom may consume drugs for some reasons. Well, it can lead the appearance of pimples later. Some of the drugs that are known to cause baby pimples are both oral and topical steroids, anti depressant, and contraception. The appearance of baby pimples is also due to the fact that the skin of baby is getting more mature. In other words, it is actually a kind of natural process although not all the babies may experience it. It seems you must not worry or panic too much for this matter. However, it doesn’t mean you can just do nothing. There are some ways you must do to let the pimples disappear as follow.

How to Cure the Baby Pimples

What does baby acne look like when healing?

The pimples of baby can just be disappeared themselves without you must put too many efforts actually. However, you should know as well that this condition can be really not comfortable for the babies themselves. Based on that fact, there are still some matters that you should do. First of all, you must clean the baby along with the part of his or her skin with pimples. The way to clean it is by using warm water and baby soap. Make sure you do it regularly although it must not too often. You can clean or wash it around 2 to 3 times a day; two of them are when the baby is bathing. To let the skin with pimples dry, you can rub it gently with smooth towel especially for baby. It is better if you use at least two towels for the baby. One towel is for drying the body in general after bathing. Then, the second is particularly used for the pimple areas. Next, if you have a habit to push your own acnes to make the dirt out, you must not do the same thing to your baby. Just let it be. Then, if the milk from breast feeding activity is touching the baby’s skin, it is suggested to clean it immediately. Well, the milk can be another cause of rash and pimples if the baby’s skin is too sensitive.

Is there any cream or ointment which is functioned specially to cure the pimples of baby? Yes, there are so many products of them offered out there. However, as long as the conditions are not too severe nor disturbing the baby, it is okay not to use them. The skin of baby is really sensitive so that you are not recommended to smear anything with chemical substances on that. If the baby cannot handle it, it can just give you any other problems like allergy or irritation. You only need to make sure that other baby products used like the powder, oil, and the others are safe enough for him or her. In other words, rather than using ointment or cream that is used to cure the pimples, you can just use the common products like the powder. It at least can lessen the inflammation that is caused by the skin condition which is already not normal.

You probably also wonder how to avoid the pimples to be appeared. As it has been mentioned above, it is somehow something that cannot be avoided so easily. It is mainly because of the mom’s hormone that becomes the main factor here. However, you can do some other efforts like not consuming drugs, multivitamin, and others during the pregnancy and breast feeding. Managing what you consume daily is also really important. Make sure that you have balance nutrition during the period of time. It is to add and maintain the immune system for both mom and baby. If this matter is handled well, it seems that such problems like pimples after the baby is born can just be avoided. This is what you have to know about pimples of the baby.

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