How to Get Rid of Baby Pimples with Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Baby Pimples with Home Remedies
How to Get Rid of Baby Pimples with Home Remedies
A baby that is just born can have several skin problems. One of the common skin problems that can happen in your baby’s skin is baby pimples. Baby pimples are also known as neonatal acne. They mostly affect new born babies especially those who are in 2 months old. Actually, baby pimples in baby are not a serious issue and you don’t have to worry.  Based on the study, there are 20% infants having this kind of skin problem that can break out tiny pimples, white and red bumps as well on their skin. Today, we will provide you information related to baby pimples, cause and the duration of a baby having pimples and also home remedies to get rid of baby pimples.

The area of pimples

How to Get Rid of Baby Pimples with Home Remedies
How to Get Rid of Baby Pimples with Home Remedies
Pimples in baby happens mostly only in area of the face. It really rare happens on the arms, chest or legs. New mothers sometimes get worried when their new born baby has this breakout. They will directly consult to their doctor. Some doctors may give topical treatment to get rid of pimples. Well, actually new mothers do not need to worry and stressed about pimples on their newborn babies’ skin. Pimples can get cured naturally and there are even home remedies to get rid of them. In this article you will find out home remedies to give relief to your little angel instead of giving him topical treatment. Topical treatments are not really recommended for newborn babies since they have very smooth and sensitive skin. You don’t want their skin get exposed to chemical or concentrated medications, do you?

The cause of pimples in baby

There is no clear reason and cause why babies can have pimples in such a very young age. Several experts stated that one of the reasons why baby have pimples is the hormone from the baby’s mother at the end of pregnancy. This hormone can cause pimples. But further researches still doesn’t show any conclusive result to explain this skin problem on baby.
When mothers take particular medications when they breastfeeding, it can also trigger the showing of pimples in their baby. It can happen too when your baby take certain medication. The other possible reason that can cause pimples is the baby’s product especially the oily products which can block your baby’s pores. Your baby may react to a certain baby’s product that is not suitable for his type of skin.

The duration until the pimples gone

Mostly, pimples on baby’s skin can clear up within a few weeks. But in certain case, it can linger for more than 3 weeks and even months. You should concern and worry if the pimples on your baby’s skin do not clear up for more than three months. You should talk and consult with your doctor about that issue. Then, the doctor probably will give you topical medication in a mild level if the pimples are severe and long lasting. A persistent acne and pimple can give you a clue that your baby will deal with it again when he is teenager.

Do and don’ts to treat baby pimples

Here is the list of simple do and don’ts to treat baby pimples.

Things you should do to protect your baby’s complexion from having more pimples:
1. Be patient. Try to not let the pimples or acnes get to you because it causes more stressed that you already have. Besides, your baby still has no idea how it feels to have pimples anyway
2. Use mild baby soap and water to simply wash the face of your baby once a day. Pat it dry very gently.

Things you shouldn’t do to avoid your baby getting pimples

1. Avoid scrubbing your baby’s face since pimples aren’t caused by dirt. Actually, too many times washing your baby’s face can make it irritated
2. Avoid oily lotions on the skin of your baby. It can make the pimples worse
3. Avoid too use too much acne medicines.
3 Home remedies to get rid of pimples on your baby’s skin

If your baby has pimples, don’t try to use topical medication as his first treatment. Try our three best and simple home remedies to get rid of baby pimples. These following remedies are so much better option instead topical medication that your doctor would recommend. Beside these home remedies use natural ingredients, they are also do not have side effects. Natural ingredients can help to clear up the skin and soothe it.

• The power of lemon and honey

Both honey and lemon have an amazing effect on our skin. The fact is that they are strongly recommended as the best treatment to delicate our skin. And your baby’s skin is more delicate than others. In this home remedy, you can mix between lemon juice and honey in the same proportions. After that, apply it using cotton wool and gently pat it on the area where pimples grow. Let them dry for around half an hour. The last step, rinse your baby’s skin using warm water.

• Cornstarch as a natural property for drying

Almost every kitchen has cornstarch and that’s why you don’t need to find it too far when you want to try this home remedy for neonatal acne. Cornstarch can help us drying skin in a natural way. The first step you need to do is to mix cornstarch with enough water and apply it to the skin where the pimples found. Second, make sure you apply it on your baby’s skin in a thin layer and let it dry for an hour. The last, wash it using warm water. You can apply this treatment once a day.

• Coconut oil to treat baby pimples

Coconut oil is probably another best treatment that can give sooth effect on your baby’s skin. Its role can be as hydrating agent that can provide amazing result especially for skin issue like pimples on your baby’s skin. Make sure that you only buy the coconut oil which is unrefined.
So, you don’t have to worry that much because baby pimples can happen in any babies. It is one of the common skin problems that can happen to newborn babies. With those home remedies, the pimples will be gone in no time.

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